Conditions and Treatments

The Conditions we cover at FifePhysio include:

Spinal conditions, such as back pain and neck pain
Whiplash injury
Soft tissue and Sports injury
Arthritic conditions
RSI/Overuse syndrome
Post surgery
Postural problems/Muscle imbalance problems

The Treatment Modalities for the above conditions we offer include:

Manual Therapy - Mobilisation/Manipulation/Remedial massage
Exercise prescription
Core stability training/Muscle imbalance correction
Electrotherapy - Ultrasound, Interferential, PSWD, TENS
Postural re-education/gait re-education
Ergonomic assessment/advice

What to expect

During the initial appointment at FifePhysio, a full history of your complaint will be taken, including present / previous pain patterns along with a general medical history.

A thorough examination of the injured/affected area and associated areas is conducted before arriving at a clinical diagnosis from which a treatment plan can be tailored. This initial examination may take up to one hour.

You are welcome to be accompanied during treatment. All consultations take place in an individual consulting room ensuring your privacy. All appointments take place on a “ one to one “ basis.

What To Wear.

For problems affecting the arms, shoulders, neck and upper back, you will need to remove upper clothing. Suitable underwear is suggested.

For problems affecting the middle and lower back, you may need both upper and lower clothing removed. Suitable underwear is suggested, possibly shorts if you wish.

For problems affecting the pelvis, hips and legs, lower clothing will need to be removed. Suitable underwear is suggested, shorts if you wish.

We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy needs at FifePhysio.